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After-sales service & Quality


After-sales service & Quality

03년 ~ 05년

대리~ 과장

서류전형 -> 1차면접 -> 2차면접

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After-sales service and Quality
After-sales service (Repair)

      • Coordinate repair request between Korea and HQ quality departments, with the use of IT system
      • Ensure the system is well undertaken by each user in Korea, in order to reflect the real status
      • Maintain the craftsmanship standard and repair lead time in respect with service level
      • Answer customer’s email enquiries regarding aftersales request
      • Handle repair request from overseas clients


    • Understand and differentiate quality issue, normal aging and man-made damage, as well as to give repair suggestions
    • Ensure the products are in compliance with different quality standards among Korean market
    • Monitor testing products in Korea

Spare part management

    • Ensure spare part availability and place order regularly
    • Follow up the spare part order and its delivery status
    • Forecast the potential increase of spare part needs and ensure the stock on hand fulfil the demands
    • Perform spare part write-off on system and ensure it is accurate with the physical stock

Administrative follow up

    • Request credit notes from HQ
    • Issue invoice to subsidiaries
    • Ensure the breakdown of credit note and invoice are correct with records
    • Provide KPI reports and presentations according to the needs from CM

Stock taking / Stock Control
Full count stock take

    • Establish stock take calendar in liaison with HQ Finance department twice a year
    • Obtain stock take in each boutique and ensure it is undertaken following the company procedures
    • Liaise with auditor and monitor the local team during counting
    • Follow up discrepancy and prepare final reports

Cycle count & stock controls

    • Ensure monthly counting is undertaken in each boutique
    • Record counting reports and make adjustment on discrepancies
    • Check daily reports against negative stock and system movement

· 3-5 years AS experience in the retail. (Fashion industry preferred.)
· Salesmanship
· Business English is required
· Open minded and flexible 


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